The President is responsible for the day to day management of the OEHD under the general policies approved by the Board of Directors and in general acts as the chief executive officer.  The President presides at all OEHD meetings, including meetings of the Board of Directors.  The President may appoint committees, including chairpersons, as the Board may approve.  The President is the spokesperson for the OEHD.  Additionally, the President (or designee):

  1. Prepares agendas for all meetings and provides them to all board members at least 2 days prior to each meeting

  2. Runs meetings in an efficient manner, using Robert’s Rules of Order and appointing a Parliamentarian as available 

  3. Presents the State of the OEHD Report annually at a General Meeting

  4. Represents the OEHD before City Boards and Commissions 

  5. Communicates the Board’s decisions to interested parties

  6. Prepares newsletter articles

  7. Ensures progress on pertinent issues

  8. Signs contracts on behalf of the OEHD as directed by a majority vote by the Board of Directors

  9. Has the authority to sign checks

  10. Votes on issues before the OEHD


The Vice President, in the absence of the President, performs the duties of the President, and performs such other duties as the Board may from time to time request.  Additionally, the Vice President (or designee):

  1. Facilitates meetings in president’s absence

  2. Coordinates activities of committee chairpersons and serves as ex-officio member of all standing and special/ad-hoc committees

  3. Votes on issues before the OEHD


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the records of the OEHD and keeping the minutes of Board and General meetings for the membership and the Board of Directors.  The Secretary prepares all written communications of the OEHD, to insure compliance with all notarization and other legal requirements.  The Secretary’s duties include informing the membership of the dates, times, and locations of all OEHD meetings, including those conducted by the Board of Directors.  Additionally, the Secretary (or designee):

  1. Notifies Board members of upcoming meetings and solicits agenda items

  2. Provides notice of historic preservation, community improvement, and other related organizations’ meetings to the membership in a timely manner

  3. Is responsible for the annual printed and quarterly e-mailed newsletters

  4. Supervises the election process, including preparing ballots. 

  5. Collects and tabulates the votes cast in any election conducted by written ballot -- Such tabulation shall be open to observation by any Member in Good Standing.

  6. Announces the results of all elections at the election meeting, when possible, or as soon as possible thereafter  

  7. Votes on issues before the Board of Directors


The Treasurer receives and deposits in appropriate accounts all monies of the OEHD and maintains all financial records in electronic format as agreed upon by the Board.  The Treasurer also disperses such funds as directed by resolution of the Board and reports monthly to the Board of Directors and quarterly to the membership concerning the financial condition of the OEHD.  Additionally, the Treasurer (or designee):

  1. Prepares an annual budget

  2. Prepares the annual income tax return as required by law

  3. Ensures that an annual audit is conducted of the OEHD’s financial records

  4. Signs contracts on behalf of the OEHD as directed by a majority vote by the Board of Directors

  5. Has the authority to sign checks

  6. Votes on issues before the Board