Due to the greater than usual expense of placing specialized lighting in our neighborhood, the installation will have to occur in phases over the course of several years.  Right now YOU, as an OE resident or property owner, have an opportunity to say which areas should have the first priority.  

    Click on the PDF link below to download a survey form that includes a map.  If you are able to, please print it out and follow the directions. If you are unable to print the map out, call 760-291-7206 or email and a printed copy will be delivered to you.

   Note that, on the map, established street lights are indicated by dots and triangles. Our lighting will be on shorter poles to better illuminate walkways, and better complement our historic homes. It will look similar to the lighting installed at Maple Plaza (Grand and Maple).

  To provide the most effective input, avoid marking Xs all over the entire neighborhood or just a single spot in front of your home; doing so will work against you. The engineers will be determining where lights go based on the numbers of neighbors who indicate that particular areas need lighting, especially paths of travel, like downtown or a regular route you might take to walk your dog. Placing 3-4 Xs along each block will be sufficient to show a path of travel or preference for a given block.

  Remember that the DEADLINE for turning in your completed map survey is JULY 28! That's VERY soon! Neighbor volunteers may come to your door to encourage you to complete a survey form; please let them know if you have any questions or you can email

  You can turn your survey in at City Hall or just drop it off in the box on the porch at 420 E. 7th - full instructions for turning it in can be found on the map survey. Don't delay, do it today!