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Walking Tour Map


  Get your exercise and learn about the historic homes located in the Old Escondido Historic District at the same time!  For much more information and photographs, we highly recommend the Explore Escondido App for your mobile device, but another option is to follow a downloadable map before heading out.  Two are available to choose from, Old Escondido East and Old Escondido West.  Each is about 1.5 miles long and takes at least an hour.  We hope you enjoy them both!

  The Explore Escondido Walking Tour App and the Walking Tour Maps are cooperative efforts of the Escondido History Center and the Old Escondido Historic District. 

Click on the image of the Tour Map you wish to download.

Please Note:

  These walking tours take place along public roads and sidewalks. Please watch your step as many of the sidewalks have large cracks.  Also, take care crossing streets, especially where hills impair your visibility as well as that of fast-moving vehicles. 

  The homes along the way are privately owned; please respect the privacy of the residents and refrain from stepping onto private property unless invited.  Photography is allowed from public spaces, but please ask permission before photographing people on private property.

  There are no public restrooms or drinking fountains on either route.  We recommend bringing along fresh water, a hat, and sunscreen on warm days.  Much of this tour is level; however, there is a steep hill on each tour, which can be bypassed if necessary, by just following the directions on the map.

  We hope you enjoy your tour!


These maps are intended for personal use only. Reproducing any part of or using them for commercial purposes requires permission from the Escondido History Center at 760-743-8207.

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